We are specialized, only in Document management and document control staff.

Document control recruitment Consultancy

What Makes us unique in the recruiting industry?


Our mission is to make the recruitment consultancy process about you and your needs as entrepreneur and about our candidates as to exceed your expectation. We understand how important and unique your business is and our ethos is to make the consultancy process about taking the time to learn what is special about your organization and what makes it stand up front and tick.

  • We are specialized , only in Document management and document control staff, from office clerk, Data Entry Operators, Document Controllers, Technical Document Controllers and Specialist up to Document control managers,Corporate document Control and Consultants.
  • Our experience and background come from within the industry.
  • We are the Professionals you feel to become comfortable with, we are expert in our field, and provide value to our relationship.
  • We proof that our recruitment consultants are high performers.
  • We listen, learn and then we act, that’s why we are growing rapidly?
  • We are specialist businesses - We speak your language.
  • We have the common sense to continue in the area we worked in before we became your consultant.
  • We have a good level of expertise and a strong network to handle your needs.
  • We maintain high relationships with clients and candidates alike.
  • We believe in new technology to make our work stand out.
  • We take the time to meet clients and actively communicate through network.
  • We believe that our mutual experience and interest is a gain, getting to work from site and being close to your project is a very important part of the job.
  • We regularly monitoring the changes affecting your business and develop our mission to suit your growth.
  • We stay informative about all facets of the activities in various sectors and select the suitable candidate for you.
  • We are getting the right staff from the start which is important to long term success.
  • Our services will downsize significantly your turn over to save a substantial amount of effort and money saving.

Below are links to the standard Job Description of Document Control related jobs. Prepared by us and based on our vast management experience and qualifications.

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To help you understand how we have achieved this, we have developed a step-by-step guide to our recruitment consultancy process

We will arrange for one of our experienced consultants to visit or contact your premises for a formal discussion about your business and its recruitment requirements. Our consultants are trained to ask you intelligent questions and listen to your responses so that they gain a thorough understanding of your business.
Each business is unique and we really do care about understanding the type of character and personality that is suitable and needed to elaborate and contribute to the success within your team.

MDOC SYSTEM has taken great care to develop a range of recruitment packages that help us meet our client’s needs. Once we are confident our consultant understands you and your business we will deliver a choice of suitable packages, including:

  • Annual retainer packages that encompass our full suite of recruitment and HR services
  • One-off job placements
  • Individual training and HR packages

Upon confirming the details of your vacancy MDOC SYSTEM will finalize the job specification and begin advertising the job to a wide range of potentially suitable candidates or we consult our short listed candidates. We are able to appeal to a vast range of candidates and our experience in recruitment enables us to identify those who are most suitable for an interview. Your company name is kept confidential until we are confident they are a suitable match.
MDOC SYSTEM will put together a short-list of the exceptional candidates and will spend time discussing them with you before allowing you to select your favorites for interview.

Once you have selected the applicants you would like to interview, you can rely on MDOC SYSTEM to manage the process on your behalf. We will appoint a dedicated consultant who will:

  • Arrange the interviews.
  • Prepare the candidates for interview.
  • Discuss with you the candidate’s performance at separate interview and provide their own feedback.
  • Deliver interview feedback to the candidates on your behalf.
  • Continuously be involved in the process until you have offered a position to the successful candidate.

It is important to our team that you value our service and feel that we have gone that extra mile for you and your business. We realize the importance of a valued relationship and will take the time to ask you about how you found our service and give you the opportunity to provide any feedback you may wish to give. Our experience tells us that clients want us to do more than simply find them a new employee; they want us to establish a mutual business relationship that makes us an extended member of them. with MDOC SYSTEM we believe it is important to provide you with one fully focused senior consultant at all times. We care about your business and feel we are at our best if our relationship is based on you.

These beliefs run through our business and everything we do. MDOC SYSTEM  values our clients and will always be ready to provide expert guidance and advice, both during and after the recruitment process.

We will be glad to follow up with you to the best of what you expect

If you are an entrepreneur, just let us know what you exactly looking for and we will immediately meet your requirements.
We write the best resume for you that stand out and leave your MARK on employers.
We will be glad to see you one of the best short listed and recommended candidate.

If you are looking for a job in Documentation field just fill form below and attach your C.V.