Learning from your OWN experience? Painful! Learning from the experience of an expert? Priceless!

MDOC SYSTEM provides a full range of training options to customers. Our training courses are provided around the globe at regular intervals and are conducted in professional training centers. Our Courses on offer are:

Document Management (Basic & Advanced Courses):

DM00 - Document Control for absolute beginner.
DM01 - System and procedure administration course.
DM02 - Document Control for Engineering Drawings.
DM03 - Combine client requirement with standard numbering system.
DM04 - New enhancements to wokflow design, tracking, montioring and managing versatile improved search.

Correspondence Management Courses:

CM01 - Correspondence Management Course.
CM02 - System and System Administration Course.
CM03 - Digitization and transformance to Paperless office.
CM04 - Outgoing and incoming correspondence numbering, handeling, process and archiving.

Procurement Management Courses:

PM01 - General Users - Prequalification, Letter of Intent & Contract.
PM02 - Working with request for Quotation, Comparison List, Purchse Order, Receipt Voucher, Missed, Loss and Damaged Report.
PM03 - Filing, Catalogues and Brochure Administration.
PM04 - Import and Export Terminology and Rules.
PM05 - Letter of Credit (L/C), Letter of Gurantee, Performance Bonds and banking related issues.
PM06 - Defect Mangagement Tool - General Users Course.

Project Collaboration Courses:

PC01 - General Users - Working with Mail & Documents Using Outlook or Lotus.
PC02 - Working with Controlled Documents (including using XL-Upload, Transmittals and Packages).
PC03 - Review and Approval Process for Controlled Documents & workflow process.
PC04 - Project Documentation Administration.
PC05 - Central Company Documentation Administration.
PC06 - Project Documents Lifecycle.

Engineering & Design Drawing Management Tool:

ED01 - Type of drawings, numbering and title blocks content.
ED02 - Design drawing initiation , preliminary issue and numbring criteria.
ED03 - Shop Drawings and Isometric details Drawings.
ED04 - Workflow stages from initiation,review,approval untill implementation.
ED05 - Punch listing, As Built issuing, hand over,archiving and then storing.

Document Control Applications and Software:

DC01 - In depth presentation on the major Document Control Applications.
DC02 - Guidelines for choosing the best Record Management Software.

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Now you can learn to design and create sophisticated Document Management and Records Management Systems which will make it possible for you to:

  • Simplify document creation, organization, and discovery for end users.
  • Recording both internal and external documents.
  • Generating transmittals; managing revised documents.
  • Control and improve document distribution.
  • Generating reports, tracking acknowledgements & responses.
  • Improve regulatory compliance.
  • Decrease costs and increase efficiency.
  • Searching for information, general administration and housekeeping.
  • Take Applicable EDMS to the next level in your organization!

Pick the course most appropriate for the needs of you or your organization, and then get ready to try something new!

  • We teach in plain language, not “geek’s peak”.
  • We crafted courses to accommodate various learning styles of our students.
  • Our courses follow a logical and systematic progression.
  • We show you what to do and how to do it, then let you experience it for yourself.
  • We provide a comprehensive course manual which includes the lecture content, the PowerPoint slides, and the scripted hands-on workshop exercises which will be a great resource.
  • We encourage questions and class participation.
  • We are not satisfied until everyone in the class understands.