The purpose of MDOC SYSTEM in regard to correspondence and Engineering Document Management System (EDMS) is to provide an integrated complete system and procedure to manage the flow of correspondence and documents to and from the company or projects.



The MDOC SYSTEM is a complete set of procedures created specifically for Document and Data Control, refers to the overall system of an organization or company  for sending and receiving, accessing and reviewing, revising and approving, disposition and absolution of documents, either as hard copies, soft or digital data, where the ISO9000 standard devotes one whole section or element to it. MDOC SYSTEM specializes in the control of EPC Projects (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and LSTK Job (Lump Sum Turn Key ) for small , medium or mega size projects.

What MDOC SYSTEM stand for: The M stands for a sequence of procedure grow with the need of the prospected user or potential customer: MICRO is the seed of the package cover basic requirement for basic Document Control Procedure, it grow with the need or the size of the project to MINI , then to MAXI ending up with MACRO where Macro incorporate all the previous procedures where it is predominantly used to cover a MEGA size project documents, correspondences and data processing requirements.

Based on :"Document what you practice and practice what you document." , MDOC SYSTEM divide documentation into two main categories:

-Correspondence INCOMING and OUTGOING, Definition: Correspondence is a written communication between an originator and recipient and mainly controlled by its unique reference number, date, the originator, or a combination of two or more references and shall not carry a revision number.

What correspondence require Document Management?

  • Letters, faxes, transmittals , memorandums
  • Change orders/variations
  • Requests for information
  • Site instructions
  • Non-Conformance Reports (NCR) , and Design Change Requests (DCR)
  • Architects' instructions
  • Emails
  • File Notes
  • Record of phone conversations
  • Punch list/defects notices
  • Meeting agendas/minutes of meeting
  • Project managers instructions
  • Design reviews/design instructions

-Documents INCOMING and OUTGOING, Definition: Any document linked or attached to a correspondence. It is a written words or design media linked to correspondence not specifically restricted to be communicated or exchanged solely between originator and recipient and mainly controlled by a unique reference throughout the history of the document and new revision number every time the document is revised or edited.

What Documents require Document Management

  • Drawings
  • Specifications
  • Procedures
  • Manuals
  • Policies
  • Forms

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It is also important to note that all types of documents above are likely to be revised and re-issued by the Originator,Design Engineering Department (DED) or Document Management Team (DMT).

Document control is far more than a post office, it is the core of the Quality System and Quality Control.


If the goals are to have an easy to use system that provides centralized storage, easy retrieval and effective protection of correspondence and documents, MDOC SYSTEM is the solution for you.

MDOC SYSTEM provide customers with a tailored set of procedures to suit every company or project needs. Whatever the type of the correspondence or the document is ; paper, documented verbal communication or electronic, the main function of the MDOC SYSTEM is to organize the path of the inflow and outflow of the correspondence and documents from initiating point up to its destination and implementation thoroughly to distributing or shelving.

In addition, MDOC SYSTEM and Documentation Procedures controls the changes affecting the document and the path on how to follow the implementation of the action administratively through an “Action Completion Log-ACL” or" Implementation Status Log-ISL".

Frank M. Lux during his discourse on the function inside the office said: “Nothing happens in the office without a piece of paper” obviously, he was extremely right. The establishment of the office itself can not be done without a piece of paper by either a license to establish the office, ownership, or contract.




MDOC SYSTEM assist companies and institutions as well as potential and prospected customers in the following area:

  • Provide complete set of procedures on how to manage a Capital Projects Documentation System by establishing a new system or maintaining compatible standards with the existing corporate Documents and process or to establish a new feasible system from A to Z for grass root project.
  •  Ensures all Capital Projects documentation is complete, accurate, and turned over to the corporate Document Center adhering to all procedures, formats, and requirements.
  •  Sets duties and responsibilities on "Who is who and who is doing what" work schedules and priorities for the document controllers and documentation crew performing work for the design drafting and related correspondences to Capital projects group.
  •  Performs QA/QC document checks and ensures all documents with client and subcontractors are signed off & distributed according to the company procedures and policy.
  •  Recommend, highlight and conduct  training presentation and development programs for the Document Controllers and document quality assurance staff.
  • Research and recommend hardware, software, procedural, and workflow enhancements to related Capital Projects document control to suit planned and forecasted budget.
  •  Develop and maintain a continuous improvement program to enhance the document, office and site support performance.
  • Liaise closely between the Capital Projects Document Center & the Corporate Document Center, the contractors, and the vendors to ensure conformance to procedure, document numbering and processing.
  • Provide documents work schedules, drafting requests, and communicate directly with all the concerned users regarding their drafting service request, scanning copying and reproduction.
  •  Assist key contact persons for any Capital Project documentation requirements.
  •  Assists in the development and implementation of project standards, working practice and procedures for activities within the Capital Projects Group and the creation of reference library.
  •  Provide document search, view, forms , flow charts, workflow and print guidance to project engineers to maintain an environment friendly document process with high paperless environment.
  •  Maintain hard copies and soft copies of documentation to project engineers up to latest version.
  •  Maintain scanning capabilities and drawing conversions to readable electronic Acrobat Reader (PDF) and OCR files and update their upload.
  •  Coordinates and control the transfer of documentation between companies, vendors, and contractors.
  •  Assists in the development & implementation of computer based project document management systems and distribution matrices, that will be compatible with the existing corporate Documents and Standards SAP-DMS system.
  •  Identifies and organizes project documentation for the engineers and properly closes out completed projects by transferring the data into the corporate Documents and Standards SAP-DMS system.
  •  upgrade the company drawing standards and procedures and ensures project documentation meets the company requirements and implementation of integrity and confidentiality process.
  •  Provides QA/QC of all documentation developed for projects. Transfers and/or archives all information following the existing corporate Documents and Standards SAP-DMS system.
  •  Control receiving, indexing, and checking all incoming documentation, in any form, and enter it into the appropriate project document system in accordance with Company procedure.
  •  Assists with establishing Quality Documentation for ISO 9002
  • Control the interfaces and liaisons with the EPC house and contractors to provide them with document access to company documents and to ensure contractor number and deliver project documentation that meets the company requirements.
  • Ensure providing documentation reporting requirements on timely basis to Section Head, site staff and Managers.
  • Ensure that permission and access security is given to concerned to access the data each on their field while maintaining confidentiality and access permission restriction.




Do it first with quality, quality always pays back




The fast changes and growth in the size of the institutions, diversity in activities and the interfaces of its relations, impose the need to establish the Documentation Control Department and it becomes an urgent necessity to organize the work of the institution. However, the decision to establish a system and procedure becomes also an ultimate response to the many questions, and a solution to the dilemma many companies are facing today, especially when it comes to implement the international norms and standards, which require a strict enforcement of the international standards organizational rules, regulations and procedures. Indeed, MDOC SYSTEM with the complete procedures package is the solution.

MDOC SYSTEM is the Master Guide to All Successful Companies
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